Thursday, 17 July 2014

Vegetarianism: A Conservationists Twist

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Factory Plant Farming: Cruelty to Animals

On todays factory plant farms, forests are clear cut by the thousands, into filthy, shadeless zones and largely left to rot cruelly, devastating entire ecological systems. These forests will never rise into old growth environments, supporting thousands of flora and fauna species by the acre, or do anything that is natural and important to them. Most aren’t even native species anymore, never feeling the sun of their natural lands or creating it’s fresh air until the day they are loaded into trucks bound for slaughter. The green landscapes and idyllic scenes of years past are now distant memories.

The factory plant farming industry strives to minimize costs—always at the wilderness’ expense. The giant corporations that run factory plant farms have found they can make more money by clear cutting, and replanting non-native but commercially viable species, and spraying chemicals to stop the growth of any other species, non-commercial trees get sick, and die. The Canadian government goes so far as to legislate clear-cut logging within provincial parks as long as it *“maintains appropriate aesthetic…Standards” for visitors #seenoevil.

Bear, moose, deer, wolf, fox, lynx, turkey, ducks, geese, and all other animals are killed or driven into extremely stressful conditions:

·      Kept in smaller environments and jam-packed forests or driven into filthy cities, often with so little space that they can’t survive or raise young comfortably.
·      Deprived of freedom and safety the mass extinction by starvation, predation, and human interaction of the entire animal population from the clear-cut area begins.
·      With a massive population increase, the invaded areas flora and fauna begins to dwindle as it’s eaten into sickness.
·      Replanted with non-native species, and sprayed with chemicals to ensure growth all native species of flora and fauna in the clear-cut area will never reoccur as it naturally would

When they have finally regrown large enough, forests raised by factory plant farmers are clear-cut again, loaded onto truck, and transported over many miles, leaving extreme conditions for a new generation of animal life, which are killed or flee once again. This nightmarish cycle is as cruel to animals as slitting their throats, even if done while they are still conscious. Diseases are spread, genetic pools recede, countless flora and fauna are killed or left to die or become extinct entirely.

You can help end this abuse. Stop farming, vegetarians can’t be conservationists, an animal free diet is not righteous. Every farm is genocide on natural flora and fauna.
An animal-free diet is an animal-free world. #clearcuttheworld


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